Human Dynamic Workshops

Real Colors

Real Colors is a dynamic workshop experience using a personality assessment designed by the National Curriculum & Training Institute to help individuals and organizations better understand human behavior, uncover motivators specific to each temperament and improve communication with others.

Real Applications

Real Applications helps the Learner further apply Real Colors concepts in future communication examining how people in different temperaments listen, understand and respond to verbal communication. In this fun and dynamic workshop, Learners will discover approaches on how to navigate the world of difficult conversations.

Real Solutions

Real Solutions is designed to take Real Colors to the next level of understanding creating a system to process stressful and uncomfortable situations. This fun and dynamic workshop takes difficult situations and concepts and helps create a safe space to explore how to understand, navigate, and work through those challenging experiences with professionalism and tact.

Real Teams

Real Teams is designed to help organizations gain insight and understanding about their team's dynamics using the Real Colors concepts. Through this workshop, Learners will be taken through a series of fast-paced activities, allowing them to strengthen each of their Real Colors through first-hand interactions.

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