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My Plan - Map It Out


Once we know where we want to go, it is important that we map out the most efficient and effective way to get there. We must map it out! Here are a few tools to help guide us along the path, taking in consideration every step of the way.

1. My mentor, my values, & my passion

Selecting my ideal mentor

Identifying and embracing my values

Discovering my passion

3. My skills & talents

Calling out my strenghts and natural talents

My skills inventory


5. My end goal

Selecting my end game

Identifying my short-term goals

Identifying my long-term goals

7. My learning options

Identifying available learning options

Selecting my learning partners

2. My mission

Discovering my mission

Building my mission statement

Solidifying my mission statement

4. My challenges

Potential risks and/or barriers to my success

My action plan

6. My learning needs

My learning assessment

8. My plan

My plan

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